Shortening Pools – A Blue Water Pools Case Study

Pool Size Reduction Case StudyThis is a typical Blue Water Pools case study of a pool size reduction project. This new owners of this home were in full renovation and restoration mode of the entire property, including the swimming pool and external entertainment areas. BlueWater Pools expertise was sought for the possible removal of the existing 30yr old marble sheen pool and replacing it with a smaller pool fitted with current pool technology. The owners wanted to enlarge their entertaining area which was currently partially occupied by the existing pool.

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BlueWater Pools were able to offer an alternate and cost effective option of modifying the existing structure by removing the end of the pool located in the required entertainment area therefore shortening the existing pool. This was achievable by cutting across the pool and constructing a new reinforced pool wall outside the intended entertainment area. Our advanced methodologies have been honed over many years and we achieve stunning results.

...Below are the steps we use to reduce concrete pool sizes...
Pool Size Reduction SydneyUsing a compressor with pneumatic hammers, a trench was cut down the pool walls and across the floor exposing the existing reinforcing steel in preparation for the construction of the new wall. The excavated material was removed off site with waste bins. Blue Water Pools never compromises with safety or cleanliness.
Concrete Pool Depth Reduction

A new pool wall was constructed incorporating steps within a timber formwork and additional reinforcing was secured to the original and now exposed reinforcement steel. Modern pool plumbing, electrics, heating manifolds, automatic pool cleaner lines, and pool lights were easily installed at this stage.

Reducing Concrete Pool Depth

Medium viscosity hydrophobic epoxy adhesive applied to the old concrete at the join, ensuring a secure bond between the new & the old concrete. The pool is resurfaced with 32mpa high strength super spray swimming pool mix. Structural engineer oversees the project from design to concrete placement & a Certificate for structural adequacy is issued.

Finished Pool Depth Reduction

A building code compliant certificate for structural adequacy is issued for the amazing completed works. The complete project was accomplished far sooner than what would have been required in removing the old structure and constructing a smaller pool. There's also the added benefit of the huge cost savings and the site disturbance was minimal, much to the delight of the owners.

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