Making Pools Deeper – A Blue Water Pools Case Study

Make Concrete Pool DeeperThese clients purchased their home with an existing in ground pool approximately 7 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. The pool was obviously built with very young children in mind as 5.5 meters of the length was less than half a meter deep. The remaining 2 meters were only 1.6meters deep. The result was a huge wading pool with a spa size swimming area and was totally useless to a grown family. Initially the owners were seriously considering seeking prices to demolish the pool walls and fill the pool with soil and grassing the entire area.

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BlueWater Pools were invited to offer alternate solutions as the family had teenage children and not only was the shallow water dangerous for diving but the lack of useable swimming area rendered the pool in its current form useless. The teenage children had their hearts set on having a pool. Following consulting and discussion of remedial options BlueWater Pools were engaged too modify the existing pool to acceptable depths.

...Below are the steps we use to increase the depth of concrete pools...

Making Concrete Pool DeeperDifficult site access made it impossible for demolition with plant equipment. The alternative was manual demolition. Compressors with pneumatic hammers were used to demolish and break through the pool structure, exposing a sandstone rock shelf under the pool which also needed to be excavated in order to achieve the pool depths required. Waste bins were used to remove all excavated material and rubbish.

Concrete Pool Depth Increase

The new pool shape was excavated, formed and steel placement tied into the existing exposed reinforcement steel, incorporating new internal steps, modern pool plumbing, heating manifolds and electrics. We fervently recommend using only highly experienced Sydney pool builders for this type of task.

Reducing Concrete Pool Depth

Before surface concreting an application of a medium viscosity hydrophobic epoxy adhesive is applied to the old concrete at the join, ensuring a secure bond between the new concrete and the existing structure.

Its our comprehensive understanding of the critical elements involved throughout these steps that sets us apart from other pool builders who provide concrete pool deepening services.

Finished Pool Depth Reduction

The entire pool was prepared and resurfaced with 32mpa high strength super spray swimming pool mix. The construction work, as always, was carried out in accordance with the recommendations and specifications of a structural engineer who oversees the project from excavation, through to the concreting process. Blue Water Pools never take shortcuts which is why we're recognised as Sydney's leading pool depth modifications company.

Reducing Concrete Pool Depth

The owners were ecstatic BlueWater Pools had accomplished what was thought to be an unimagined and impossible task. Instead of having the expense of partial demolition and filling for not much more outlay the client now has a very usable pool equipped with modern equipment much to the obvious delight of the teenage children and, of course Mum and Dad.

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